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Haka (plural here is the same as singular in Maori language: two Haka, one Haka) is a ritual dance of the Maori, the native people of New Zealand. Sometimes, a haka is performed to excite friends and to scare enemies. In peace time, a haka is performed as a challenge.

A haka can include:

  • voice (chanting)
  • feet (stamping and leaping)
  • hand (slapping, waving and clapping)
  • eyes (rolling)
  • tongue (poking out)

There are many different haka. Each tells a story. The most famous haka is Ka Mate. The Ka Mate haka is performed by many New Zealand sports teams before games. Another famous haka is 'Kapo O Pango' which is performed by New Zealand's rugby union team. This team is called the All Blacks.

Women are not usually allowed to perform haka. Instead, they sing and chant in support.