Halberstadt CL.II

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Halberstadt CL II WW1 aircraft left.jpg
German Halberstadt CL.II 14207/17 "3" of Schlasta 2. Note fairing for radio generator
Role Escort Fighter/Ground Attack Aircraft
Manufacturer Halberstädter Flugzeugwerke
Designer Karl Theis
First flight 1917
Introduction 1917
Primary user Imperial German Army Air Service
Number built 900
The captured German Halberstadt CL.II (serial 15342/17) flown by Gefreiter Kuesler and Vizefeldwebel Mullenbach on 9 June 1918 when they were forced to land at the aerodrome of 3 Squadron Australian Flying Corps at Flesselles, Somme (France). The AFC aircrew were Lieutenant R.J. Armstrong and Lieutenant F.J. Mart flying in Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 (serial D4689).
Frank Luke with a shot down Halberstadt of Fleiger Abteilung 36 on September 18, 1918

Halberstadt Cl.II was an aircraft of the German Air Force in World War I.

On October 25, 1918 a Halberstadt of Reconnaissance Flight 279 was captured[1]

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