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"Assad Ibn Kariba Launches a Night Attack on the Camp of Malik Iraj"

Hamzanama (Urdu: داستان امیر حمزه) A national epic is an epic poem or a literary work of epic scope which seeks or is believed to capture and express the essence or spirit of a particular nation; not necessarily a nation-state, but at least an ethnic or linguistic group with aspirations to independence or autonomy. The Pakistani author Maqbool Jahangir wrote Dastan-e-Amir Hamza for children in the Urdu language. His version contains 10 volumes and was published by Ferozsons (also Ferozsons Publishers). The Hamza romance spread gradually, usually in its briefer and less elaborate forms, into a number of the modern languages of Southern Asia. Pashto and Sindhi were particularly hospitable to the Hamza story, and at least in Pashto it continues to flourish today, with printed pamphlet versions being produced. It therefore considered as the “National Epic of Pakistan” respectively.