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Drawing of Harry Allen

Harry Allen (1882-27 December 1922[1]) was a transgender man who was written about in newspaper headlines between 1900 and 1922. He was born Nell Pickerell, but was known as Harry Livingstone from 1900 until 1911, and as Harry Allen from 1911 until his death in 1922. He had several female lovers; one committed suicide,[2] and another attempted suicide.[3][4] The woman who had committed suicide was treated as two different suicide victims in the media, as she had used different names for herself in the past.[5]
Newspapers wrote about his crimes such as prostitution and drinking alcohol. He got a lot of media attention because he was seen as a woman pretending to be a man.[6]

Articles[change | change source]

May 30 1900: bar fighting.[7]
September 12 1901: being a vagrant Archived 2015-09-21 at the Wayback Machine, fighting the officer arresting him and causing both of them to land in a puddle of mud.[8]
October 12 1901: Stealing $42.[9] $42 dollars would be about $1,245.90 in modern money.[10]
December 25 1901: Suicide of his lover, Dolly Quappe.[11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18]
January 09 1902: Being a disorderly person.[19]
August 05 1902: Smashing a showcase.[20]
August 15 1902: Leading a fight with a police officer.[21][22]
November 4 1903: Suicide of his lover, Pearl Waldron.[18][23]
July 26 1905: Loitering Archived 2017-05-12 at the Wayback Machine in saloons.[24]
January 20 1906: Wearing trousers.[25]
February 19 1906: Returning to Seattle.[26]
February 21 1906: Refusing to give information on a robbery.[27]
March 26 1907: Wearing men's clothes.[28][29][30][31]
January 21 1908: Wearing men's clothes.[32]
February 08 1908: Wearing men's clothes, his mother referring to him as 'Harry'.[33]
February 23 1908: Flirting with women.[34]
March 18 1908: Wearing men's clothes. Interviewed in prison, says he "looks a fright" in women's clothing.[35]
March 10 1909: Ordered out of town three hours after arriving.[36]
September 19 1911: Selling liquor.[37][38][39][40][41]
September 27 1911: Dressing as a 'dandy' (a handsome man).[42]

November 24 1911: Earlier charge of selling liquor is dropped because the man he sold liquor to, Alexander Paul, was too drunk to give evidence.[43][44]
July 22 1915: Trying to rob a grocery store.[45]

August 19 1915: Earlier charge of trying to rob a grocery store is dropped because there wasn't enough evidence to charge him.[46]
September 27, 1916: Stabbed by his father, Robert Pickerell. Robert said that Harry had struck him in the mouth while Robert was sleeping, and Robert then fought back in self-defence with a knife he kept under his pillow. Harry survived the encounter.[47][48]
December 27, 1922: Harry dies of syphilitic meningitis.[49]

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