Heads of state of Mali

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A list of the Heads of State of Mali is shown below in time order:

Time Name Photo Party Notes
20 June 1960 to 1965 Modibo Keita, Chief of State   US/RDA Deposed
1965 to 19 November 1968 Modibo Keita, President
19 November 1968 to 19 September 1969 Moussa Traoré, Chairman of the Military National Liberation Committee Mil
19 September 1969 to 19 June 1979 Moussa Traoré, Head of State
19 June 1979 to 26 March 1991 Moussa Traoré, President UDPM Deposed
26 March 1991 to 31 March 1991 Amadou Toumani Touré, Chairman of the National Reconciliation Council Mil 1st Term
31 March 1991 to 8 June 1992 Amadou Toumani Touré, Chairman of the Transitional Committee for the Salvation of the People
8 June 1992 to 8 June 2002 Alpha Oumar Konaré, President Konare27022007.jpg ADM
8 June 2002 to present Amadou Toumani Touré, President CCD/n-p 2nd Term

(Dates in italics show effective continuation in the job)