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All pages that can be changed on Wikipedia has a page history which can be found by clicking the "history" tab at the top of the page. The page history has a list of the page's previous revisions. The revisions include the date and time (in UTC) of each change, the name or IP address of the user who made it, and the summary of the change.

Using a history page[change | change source]

On a history page:

  • All past changes to the page are listed in reverse-chronological order (In other words the newest change is seen at the top).
  • To view a version, click a date.
  • To compare an old version with the newest, click cur.
  • To compare a version with an older one, click last.
  • To compare two specific versions, click the circles (in both columns) next to them. Then click the Compare button to see the differences between them.
  • Small changes are shown as m.

It is possible to bring up an old version of a page by following the link to that version, clicking "change" and then saving. But be careful when doing this, because all the newest changes will be lost.

Moved and deleted pages[change | change source]

When a page is moved (renamed), the whole history of the article, before and after the move, is shown. The old title turns into a redirect and loses its history.