Henderson's Boys

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Henderson's Boys
1. The Escape
2. Eagle Day
3. Secret Army
4. Grey Wolves
5. The Prisoner
6. One Shot Kill
7. Scorched Earth
Author Robert Muchamore
Country Great Britain
Language English
Genre Spy fiction
Publisher Hodder Children's Books
Media type Print (Paperback)

Henderson's Boys is a series of young adult spy books. It was written by English author Robert Muchamore.[1] The series follows Charles Henderson, the creator of a fictional espionage organisation CHERUB and is set in the 1940s, during World War II. Henderson goes on various adventures, helped by children. Henderson's Boys is a spin-off of the popular CHERUB series, which is about the same organisation the same organisation in modern times. There are seven books in the series. These are The Escape, Eagle Day, Secret Army, Grey Wolves, The Prisoner, One Shot Kill and Scorched Earth.

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