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Misu Heo Mok (1677s)

Heo Mok (Korean: 허목, hanja:許穆, 1595 – April 27 1689) was a Korean Neo-Confucian and Taoist scholar, politician, writer, and painter during the Joseon Dynasty. His pen names were Misu (미수, 眉叟) and Teryung-Noin (태령노인, 台領老人), Sukhojangin (석호장인, 石戶丈人). His Chinese style names were Moonbo (문보, 文甫) and Hwabo(화보, 和甫).

He was a leader of South man party, 1675 - March 1680 in vicePrime minister of Joseon Dynastys.

Writing[change | change source]

  • Kyungreyuchan (1647)
  • Eastern History (1667)
  • Blue Gentelman List (1667)
  • Kyung seol (1677)
  • Mesu ChunjaMun
  • Dangun's Family
  • Misu Kiun
  • Sim Hakdo

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