Hercules Unchained

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Hercules Unchained
(Italian: Ercole e la regina di Lidia)
Directed by Pietro Francisci
Produced by Bruno Vailati
Ferruccio De Martino
Written by Ennio De Concini
Pietro Francisci
Starring Steve Reeves
Sylvia Lopez
Sylva Koscina
Music by Enzo Masetti
Cinematography Mario Bava
Editing by Mario Serandrei
Studio Lux Film
Warner Bros. (USA)
Distributed by Premier Productions (USA)
Release date(s) 14 February 1959 (1959-02-14) (Italy)
13 July 1960 (1960-07-13) (United States)
Running time 97 minutes[1]
Country Italy
Language Italian
Money made $2,500,000 (US/Canada)[4]

Hercules Unchained is a 1959 peplum movie starring Steve Reeves. It is a sequel to Hercules, also starring Reeves.

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