Heron Tower

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The tower from Bishopsgate

The Salesforce tower is a skyscraper in the City of London, England. Its official name is 110 Bishopsgate and was formerly The Heron Tower, which it is still often called. When completed in 2011 it became the third tallest building in the United Kingdom and the tallest in the City of London after Tower 42. The Heron Tower is on Bishopsgate.

Construction lasted from 2007 to 2011. It is owned by Heron International. In 2014 there was naming dispute between Salesforce.com and Heron International. The City of London ruled in favour of it being named 110 Bishopsgate.

Construction[change | change source]

In March 2007, it was confirmed that Heron had signed a funding deal with the State General Reserve Fund of Oman to provide the equity for the development.[1] The works were carried out by Skanska and completed in January 2011.[2]

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