Heydar Latifiyan

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Heydar Latifiyan
Birth nameHeydar Gholi Latifiyan
Vahnabad, Tehran, Iran
Died16 December 1915(1915-12-16) (aged 36)
Robat Karim, Tehran, Iran
Buried atVahnabad, Tehran, Iran , (35°26′59″N 51°10′31″E / 35.44969460840494°N 51.175303370324066°E / 35.44969460840494; 51.175303370324066)
Service/branchPersian Constitutional Revolution

Heydar Gholi Latifiyan (Persian: حیدر قلی لطیفیان) (1879- December 16, 1915) also known as Heydar Latifiyan (Persian: حیدر لطیفیان), was a Supporter of the Persian Constitutional Revolution and the Democrat Party of Iran. He was an Iranian popular commander in World War I.

Last fight[change | change source]

"...the Russian army from one side reaches the village of Kolmeh, which is located between the Robat Karim road and Tehran,[1] and the local fighters are surrounded from three sides. The Russians start bombarding the area from almost a mile, until in the evening, the strongholds of the local Batop fighters are bombarded. But everyone survives. But in the evening, the infantry riders of the Russian army came closer and the war with swords started and after a bloody clash, seventy people were killed...".[2] Heydar Latifiyan was also killed like the rest of his comrades. According to the traditions of the local people, the Russians made it difficult to identify the bodies by cutting off the heads of the dead. The only body that could be identified (by his clothes) was that of Heydar Latifiyan, who was buried near the north of Vahan Abad village. (Nowadays, One kilometer to Tehran International Airport).[3]

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