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Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara

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Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara *
Deer near construction site in Nara.jpg
Deer at a construction site in Nara
Country Japan
Type Cultural
Criteria ii, iii, iv, vi
Reference 870
Region ** Asia-Pacific
Inscription history
Inscription 1998 (22nd Session)

Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara is the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nara in Nara Prefecture, Japan.[1]

The site covers eight places in the old capital city of Nara. Five are Buddhist temples, one is a Shinto shrine, one is a Palace and one a primeval forest.

History[change | change source]

Nara was the capital of Japan from 710 to 784. The city's historic structures show what life was like in the Japanese capital in the 8th century.[1]

All of the shrine and temple compounds have been recognized as "Historic Sites". The Nara Palace has been named as a "Special Historic Site". The Kasugayama forest is a Special "Natural Monument".[2]

The several properties include 26 buildings which have been named by the Japanese Government as "National Treasures". Also, there are 53 buildings which have been named as "Important Cultural Properties". [2]

In 1998, UNESCO listed parts of Nara as a World Heritage Site.[1]

Table[change | change source]

Name Image Location Notes
Tōdai-ji (東大寺, Tōdai-ji, Eastern Great Temple)[1] Tōdai-ji Kon-dō.jpg Nara cultural site
Kōfuku-ji (興福寺, Kōfuku-ji)[1] Kofukuji0411.jpg Nara cultural site
Kasuga Shrine (春日大社, Kasuga-taisha)[1] Kasuga-taisha11bs3200.jpg Nara cultural site
Gangō-ji (元興寺)[1] Gango-ji Gokurakubo.jpg Nara cultural site
Yakushi-ji (薬師寺)[1] Yakushiji.jpg Nara cultural site
Tōshōdai-ji (唐招提寺)[1] Toshodaiji Nara Nara pref01s5s4290.jpg Nara cultural site
Heijō Palace (平城宮, Heijō-kyū)[1] Miniature Model of Heijo Palace Daigokuden.jpg Nara cultural site
Kasugayama Primeval Forest (春日山原始林, Kasugayamagenshirin)[1] Kasugayama Primeval Forest 02.jpg Nara natural site

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