House of Dunkeld

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The House of Dunkeld was the house for Scottish rulers from 1034-1290. Some sources state it began in 1058 with Malcolm III and that Duncan I through to Lulach were in the house of Alpin but this list will include the monarchs starting with Duncan I, king of Scots.

Name of Monarch Birth of Monarch Death of Monarch Reign of Monarch Depiction
Malcolm III (Canmore) c. 1031 13th November 1093 1058-1093
Margaret and Malcolm Canmore (Wm Hole).JPG
Donald III (Baine/Bane) c. 1032 1099 1093 - May 1094

12th November 1094 - 1097

Donald III of Scotland - 16th-17th Century.jpg
Duncan II c. 1060 12th November 1094 May 1094 - 12th November 1094
Donnchad II.jpg
Edgar "the Valiant, Probus" c. 1074 8th January 1107 1097 - 8th January 1107
King Edgar of Scotland.jpg
Alexander I "The Fierce" c. 1078 23rd April 1124 8th January 1107 - 23rd April 1124
Alexander I (Alba) ii.JPG
David I "of Cumbria" c. 1084 24th May 1153 April or May 1124 - 24th May 1153
Malcolm IV, King of Scotland, charter to Kelso Abbey, 1159, initial (crop David I).jpg
Malcolm IV "Canmore" April or May 1141 9th December 1165 24th May 1153 - 9th December 1165
Malcolm IV, King of Scotland, charter to Kelso Abbey, 1159, initial (crop Malcolm IV).jpg
William I "The Lion" c. 1143 (around) 4th December 1214 9th December 1165 - 4th December 1214
William the Lion portrait.jpg
Alexander II 24th August 1198 6th July 1249 4th December 1214 - 6th July 1249
Alexander II (Alba) ii (transparent).png
Alexander III 4th September 1214 19th March 1286 6th July 1249 - 19th March 1286
Margaret "Maid of Norway" disputed 9th April 1283 26th September 1290 25th November 1286 - 26th September 1290
Margaret, Maid of Norway.jpg