Hurricane Igor

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Hurricane Igor
Category 4 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Hurricane Igor as a strong category 4 hurricane
FormedSeptember 8, 2010
DissipatedSeptember 21, 2010
Highest winds1-minute sustained: 155 mph (250 km/h)
Lowest pressure924 mbar (hPa); 27.29 inHg
Fatalities4 direct
Damage$200 million (2010 USD)
Areas affectedCape Verde, Northeastern Caribbean, United States East Coast, Bermuda, Newfoundland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Part of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Igor was a destructive tropical cyclone which passed by Bermuda and struck the Island of Newfoundland. This storm was a powerful Category Four hurricane with winds as high as 155 miles per hour. Igor brushed Bermuda as a minor hurricane with minimal damage. In Newfoundland, however, the storm caused $200 million in damage, making Igor the most destructive Atlantic tropical cyclone on record to strike the region. The name Igor was retired and replaced by Ian for the 2016 Atlantic season.