Ibn Majah

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Ibn Majah
Born824 CE
Died887 (or 889) CE
Known forHadith Scholar
Notable work
Sunan ibn Majah, Kitab at-Tafsir and Kitab at-Tarikh [2][3]

Abu Abdillah Muhammad ibn Yazid ibn Majah (Arabic: ابو عبد الله محمد بن يزيد بن ماجه), commonly called Ibn Majah was a Persian, hadith scholar.[4] His hadith collection Sunan ibn Majah is one of the six major hadith collections.[5]

Biography[change | change source]

Ibn Majah was born in Qazwin, the modern-day Iranian province of Qazvin, in 824 CE. Majah was the nickname of his father, and not that of his grandfather. Al-Dhahabi mentioned following of Ibn Majah's works:[2]

  • Sunan Ibn Majah: one of the six major collections of hadith
  • Kitab al-Tafsir: a book of Quran explanation
  • Kitab al-Tarikh: a book of history or, more likely, a listing of hadith tellers.

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