Ice Ice Baby

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"Ice Ice Baby" is a hip hop single performed by Vanilla Ice. It samples the 1981 song "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie. It appeared on his 1989 studio album Hooked. It later appeared on his other album To the Extreme.

"Ice Ice Baby" was first released as the B-side to a cover version of "Play That Funky Music".[1] The original version of "Play That Funky Music" was a well-liked and popular song with the listening audiences. The cover version was not liked much, so the single was not selling well. But a disc jockey decided to play "Ice Ice Baby" instead of the single's A-side. Once the public heard this song, it became more successful than "Play That Funky Music".[2]

The song hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100.[3]

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