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These are positions:
left middle right
Left Hand Identification

Position is a way to explain where something is.

To find which is your left hand side, hold your hands palms down, point your index fingers and stick your thumbs out at right angles. The finger and thumb of your left hand will form a capital letter L.

Middle is between up and down and is between left and right. Middle means the same as center.

Left and right are called opposite sides.

In, or inside (the blue box) Out, or outside (of the blue box)

In, indoors, or inside, and out, outdoors, or outside, mean whether one thing is in another, most commonly in a house or other building, or out in nature.

This man looks like he is far. This man looks like he is near.
far near
Man raising his right hand.

Far means that something is a long way away. Near means close.

Sports[change | change source]

In many sports, the term "position" is used to show what occupation a person has on their team. For example, in baseball, positions include catcher, shortstop and pitcher.

Math and physics[change | change source]

The position of a balloon at a certain time

The position of something is where that thing is in space and time. Usually people use Cartesian coordinates to write down a position. So a scientist might say that the balloon was at x, y, z when it popped at a certain time.

Society[change | change source]

The position of a person is his status or responsibility in a community or group of people. It is called rank in the army. In a factory the manager is a typical position.