Incubus (1966 movie)

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Directed byLeslie Stevens
Produced byAnthony M. Taylor
Written byLeslie Stevens
StarringWilliam Shatner
Milos Milos
Allyson Ames
Narrated byPaolo Cossa
Music byDominic Frontiere
CinematographyConrad Hall
William A. Fraker (uncredited)
Edited byRichard K. Brockway
Distributed byContempo III Productions
Release date
October 26, 1966 (SF Film Fest.)
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$125,000 (est)

Incubus is an American horror movie. It is black and white. It was released in 1966 and a restored copy of the movie was released in 2001. Leslie Stevens directed the movie and William Shatner starred in it. The actors in the movie did not speak in English. They spoke in Esperanto. The movie was called Inkubo in Esperanto. Incubus was lost for many years, but an old copy was found in France. The movie was filmed in 18 days in California during 1965. Incubus did not become popular and was only distributed in France. Some people believe the movie is cursed because of all of the bad things that happened to the actors and crew. Several of them died by murder or suicide, or had other bad things happen to them, after making the movie.

Actors[change | change source]

  • William Shatner as Marc[1]
  • Allyson Ames as Kia
  • Eloise Hardt as Amael
  • Robert Fortier as Olin
  • Ann Atmar as Arndis
  • Milos Milos as Incubus
  • Jay Ashworth as Monk
  • Forrest T. Butler as Monk
  • Paolo Cossa as Narrator (voice)
  • Ted Mossman as Monk


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Further reading[change | change source]

  • Tom Weaver, Video Watchdog #53 (1999) "Raising the Incubus"

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