Indian Airlines Flight 605

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Indian Airlines Flight 605
Indian Airlines Airbus A320 SDS-5.jpg
An Indian Airlines Airbus A320 similar to the one involved in the crash
Date14 February 1990 (1990-02-14)
SummaryControlled flight into terrain due to pilot error
SiteKarnataka Golf Club, near Bangalore Hindustan Airport
12°56′53″N 77°38′52″E / 12.9481°N 77.6478°E / 12.9481; 77.6478Coordinates: 12°56′53″N 77°38′52″E / 12.9481°N 77.6478°E / 12.9481; 77.6478
Aircraft typeAirbus A320-231
OperatorIndian Airlines
Flight originChhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Bombay, India
DestinationHindustan Airport, Bangalore, India

Indian Airlines Flight 605 was a scheduled internal flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru. On 14 February 1990, the Airbus A320-231 (registered VT-EPN) flying the route crashed while trying to land, killing 92 of the 146 people.[1]

Flight[change | change source]

Flight 605 took off from Bombay Airport at 11:58 a.m. IST. The flight had 139 passengers and 7 crew members, including 4 infants.[2]

While trying to land, Flight 605 went below the glideslope, a way to measure the rate a plane is going down while landing. The flight touched down on a golf club and bounced up and back down. The aircraft then went over a 12-ft wall, making the engines and landing gear come off. Then the plane flew over a road and crashed in a grassy area.[2]

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