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Indigirka River

Coordinates: 71°26′32″N 150°51′39″E / 71.4422°N 150.8608°E / 71.4422; 150.8608
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Physical characteristics
SourceConfluence of the Tuora-Yuryakh and Taryn-Yuryakh
 - elevation792 metres (2,598 ft)
MouthEast Siberian Sea
 - coordinates71°26′32″N 150°51′39″E / 71.4422°N 150.8608°E / 71.4422; 150.8608
Length1,726 km (1,072 mi)
Basin size360,400 km2 (139,200 sq mi)
 - average1,810 m3/s (64,000 cu ft/s)

Indigirka River (Russian: Индиги́рка; Yakut: Индигиир) is a significant river in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in the Russian Far East. It is one of the major rivers in northeastern Siberia.[1]

Course[change | change source]

Its source is the confluence of the Taryn-Yuryakh and Khastakh (Tuora-Yuryakh) Rivers, which formed the Verkhoyansk Mountains. The Indigirka River flows north for 1,726 kilometers (1,072 miles). It goes through the large Indigirka Lowland and Mountains. Two of the main rivers that flow into the Indigirka River are the Moma River and the Selennyakh River. [2]

Climate and Navigation[change | change source]

The basin of the Indigirka River is located in an extremely frigid climate. From October to May or June, the river is frozen. Despite the difficult conditions, the Indigirka is navigable for around 1,050 kilometres (650 mi) of its length during the summer months when there is no ice.

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