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Indo-European peoples

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Indo-Europeans are those who lived in eastern Europe and central Asia thousands of years ago. They descended from the Ukrainian steppes, and spread out across Europe, western Asia, central Asia, and India.[1]

Indo-Europeans are Bronze Age-speakers of Indo-European languages that had not yet split into language families we know today, like Centum and Satem dialects (speakers of languages predating Proto-Indo-Iranian, Proto-Greek, Proto-Celtic, Proto-Italic, Proto-Germanic, Proto-Balto-Slavic etc.)

Speakers of Indo-European languages in historical times and nowadays often are not called by the name Indo-Europeans but with often by the name of their language family like: Anatolians, Tocharians, Aryans (Iranians, Indo-Aryans), Greeks, Celts, Italic peoples, Germanic peoples, Baltic peoples, Slavic peoples, Kurds, Armenians, Albanians (or subdivisions of these groups).

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