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Irene is a given name for women. The pronunciation of the name is [ ahy-ree-nee for 1; ahy-reen or, especially British, ahy-ree-nee for 2 ].[1] It is Greek for "peace."[2] Several saints are named Irene. In 2005, in the United States, the name ranked at 590th most popular name for baby girls and fell to 632 the following year.[3] Several Atlantic tropical storms or hurricanes were named Irene. Hurricane Irene in 2011 was very destructive to the East Coast of the United States, so Irene was retired in spring of 2012.

People[change | change source]

  • Irene Cara, American singer and actress (1959–2022)
  • Irene Papas, Greek actress and singer (1929–2022)
  • Irene Natividad, American feminist, women's rights activist, corporate director and international advocate for women
  • Irene Ryan, actress (1902-1973)

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