Israeli Premier League

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Israeli Premier League
Country Israel
Relegation toLiga Leumit
Domestic cup(s)State Cup
Toto Cup Al
International cup(s)Champions League
Europa League
Current championsHapoel Be'er Sheva (3rd title)
Most championshipsMaccabi Haifa (7 titles)

The Israeli Premier League (Hebrew: ליגת העל, Ligat Ha'Al, literally Super League; also known as Ligat Toto) is the first division association football league in Israel. It was created in 1999, replacing Liga Leumit as the top division. The Liga Leumit is the second division.[1]

In the 2016–17 season, there were 14 Teams in Israeli Premier League.[2] The winner of the league in each season is named the Ligat Winner (Hebrew: ליגת ווינר).[3]

Members for 2018-19[change | change source]

The following 14 clubs will compete in the Israeli Premier League during the 2018–19 season.

Club Position
in 2017–18
First season in
the Israeli Premier League
Number of seasons
in the Israeli Premier League
First season of
current spell in
Israeli Premier League
Top division
Last top division title
Beitar Jerusalemab 3rd 1999–2000 20th 1999–2000 6 2007-2008
Bnei Sakhnin 11th 2003-2004 15th 2007–2008 0 Never
Bnei Yehudab 6th 1999–2000 18th 2015–2016 1 1989–1990
F.C. Ashdod 12th 2009–2010 7rd 2013–2014 0 Never
Hapoel Be'er Sheva 1st 2001–2002 14th 2009–2010 5 2017–2018
Hapoel Haifab 4th 1999–2000 14th 2009–2010 1 1998–1999
Hapoel Hadera 2nd
Liga Leumit
2018–2019 1st 2018–2019 0 Never
Ironi Kiryat Shmona 11th 2003-2004 11th 2007-2008 1 2011-2012
Hapoel Ra'anana 10th 2009–2010 7rd 2013–2014 0 Never
Hapoel Tel Avivb 1st
Liga Leumit
1999–2000 19th 2018–2019 14 2009–2010
Maccabi Haifaab 10th 1999–2000 20th 1999–2000 12 2010–2011
Maccabi Netanya 11th 2003-2004 17th 2014-2015 5 1982-1983
Maccabi Petah Tikva 11th 2003-2004 19th 2013-2014 0 Never
Maccabi Tel Avivab 2nd 1999–2000 20th 1999–2000 21 2014–2015

a: Never been relegated from the Israeli Premier League
b: One of the original Israeli Premier League teams

Statistics[change | change source]

Most titles[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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