Jacques Villiers

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Jacques Villiers
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Jacques Villiers

26th of August 1924
Died13th of March 2012
EducationAerospace engineer
Alma materÉcole Polytechnique
École nationale de l'aviation civile

Jacques Villiers, (26 August 1924 – 13 March 2012[1]) is a French aerospace engineer and public servant. He is the founder of the Centre d'études de la navigation aérienne (French air navigation center) and co-founder[2] of the CAUTRA system, the computer system of the French air traffic management.

In the words of Michel Wachenheim:[3] "We can consider Jacques Villiers as one of the main founders of "the French school of air navigation" with everything it has scientific expertise, know-how technological and operational experience. He quickly understood that France could and should play a leading role in this sector, because of its aviation history, its ability to train highly qualified specialists, but also its global ambitions and European geography. He retained confident until the end that we could provide leadership in technical international level, I am reminded of conversations with him on this subject. The best tribute to him is certainly to continue in this way."

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