James Jabara

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James "Jabby" Jabara (10 October 1923, Muskogee, Oklahoma – 17 November 1966) was the first American pilot to shoot down 5 Mig-15 airplanes in Korea. He was then transferred to Washington DC for duty before returning to K-14 Kimpo, Korea. He was the Executive Officer in the 334th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. While stationed there he was responsible for 10 more Mig kills thus making him a triple ace.

Early life[change | change source]

Jabara's father operated a grocery store at the corner of 3rd and Martin Luther King streets. At an early age the family moved to Kansas. According to newspaper reports he died in a car crash along with a daughter in 1966. He was also a fighter pilot in world war 2. In Korea he was flying F-86 Sabre Jets in the 334th Fighter Interceptor Squadron formerly known as the Fighting Eagles Squadron formed in England before we entered world war 2.