James Paris Lee

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Portrait of James Paris Lee painted 1889

James Paris Lee (9 August 1831 – 24 February 1904) was a British, Canadian and later American inventor. He was also a small arms designer. Lee is best known for inventing the Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield series of rifles.

Lee was born in Hawick, Scotland, 9 August 1831. At age 12 he created his first gun. He accidentally blew himself up with gunpowder. He also accidentally shot himself, twice. His family was surprised he reached adulthood.[1] He was obsessed with guns, but he was apprenticed to a clockmaker.[1] His family migrated to Canada. Lee worked making and repairing clocks and watches. In 1850 he opened his own shop where he could work on rifles in his spare time.[2]

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