Jamila, the Algerian

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Jamila, the Algerian is a 1958 Egyptian historical drama movie directed by Youssef Chahine and starring Magda al-Sabahi, Salah Zulfikar, Ahmed Mazhar, Zahra Ela, Rushdy Abaza, Adly Kasseb, Fakher Fakher.

The movie is about one of the most important figures in the history of Algeria, Djamila Bouhired. It tells the story of an important female revolutionary, and also shows the struggle of the Algerian people against the French occupation. It was the first, and only movie, to focus on the role of Algerian women in the 1954 revolution.

The movie was released only a year after the torture and arrest of Djamila Bouhired. It was banned by the Algerian government for decades.[1]

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