Jamshid bin Abdullah of Zanzibar

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Sayyid Jamshid bin Abdullah Al Said GCMG, (Arabic: جمشيد بن عبد الله) (born 16 September 1929 in Unguja) was the last Sultan of Zanzibar. He ruled Zanzibar from 1 July 1963 to 12 January 1964.

On 10 December 1963, Zanzibar received its independence from the United Kingdom as a constitutional monarchy under Jamshid. This state of affairs was short lived and he was overthrown by the Zanzibar Revolution.

He fled into exile firstly to Oman and then to the United Kingdom, where, as of 2012, he continues to live in Portsmouth[1] with his wife and six children[2] as the Head of the Zanzibari Royal Family and as the Sovereign of the Order of the Brilliant Star of Zanzibar and the Most Illustrious Order of Independence of Zanzibar. Secondly, he is married to Zuleika bin Abdullah Al Aufy.[3]

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