Jan Jánský

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Professor MUDr. Jan Jánský

Jan Jánský (30 March 1873 in Prague,Czech Republic - 8 September 1921 in Černošice) was a neurologist and psychiatrist. He was the first to divide human blood into the four types (A, B, AB, 0) of the AB0 blood group system.[1] His discovery saved millions of lives.[2]

His life[change | change source]

He studied medicine at Charles University in Prague. From 1899 he worked in a psychiatric clinic. He became a professor at Charles University and a doctor of medicine.[3]

World war I[change | change source]

He served as a doctor for 2 years on the front lines.[4] After suffering a heart attack in 1916, he was dismissed from the army.[4] After that he was in charge of the department of Neurology and Forensic Psychiatry at the Central Military Hospital in Prague.[4]

He suffered from angina pectoris. Jánský died of Coronary artery disease.

Points of Interest[change | change source]

Jánský was a promoter of blood donations. Donators of Czech Republic or Slovakia receive a medal. In 1953 he was the subject of a movie directed by Martin Frič.

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