Japanese railways

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Japanese railways are used in Japan for mass and high-speed travel between major cities and for commuter transport in metropolian areas.

Area Map of JR.

Management System of Japanese railways[change | change source]

There are two types of Japanese trains:

Classification of Japanese railways by structure[change | change source]

Shinkansen type-0.
A train in Nagasaki.
The unique monorail of the world, in Osaka.
  • Shinkansen(新幹線, meaning "New main line")(width of rail track is Standard Gauge (1,435mm); speeds of up to 300km/h)
  • Zairaisen(在来線, meaning "Older railway line") (width of rail track is usually Cape gauge (1,067mm); slower speeds)
    • Subway(地下鉄)
    • Tram(路面電車)
    • Monorail(モノレール)
    • Trolley bus(トロリーバス)
    • Funicular(ケーブルカー)
    • Others

History of Japanese trains[change | change source]