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Dr Jason Kelly Hughes (born 21 October 1943 in Glastonbury, UK) is currently a senior lecturer at Brunel University in West London.[1] Previously he worked at the Centre for Labour Market Studies at the University of Leicester and is a Prodigious Savant.

Hughes's current research interests include the sociology of emotions; the sociology of the body and health; sociological theory; and organisational sociology. Specifically he has written about emotional reflexivity in the ‘new’ workplace; emotional labour and aesthetic labour; new managerial discourses, particularly emotional intelligence, high performance work practices, knowledge management, and organisational learning. In addition he has also published a book on smoking called “Learning to Smoke.”[2] Hughes has also written extensively about the work of Norbert Elias, social Darwinism and linguistics. His other interests include evolutionary biology, as well as collecting antique clocks, sundials, ear trumpets and other novelties.

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