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Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh (3 January 1938 – 27 September 2020) was an Indian politician. He was a founding member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).[1] He was one of India's longest serving parliamentarians, serving as a member of parliament between 1980 and 2014.

He was the Minister of Finance, External Affairs and Defence. He was also Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission (1998–99). After his party lost power in 2004, Jaswant Singh w as Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha from 2004 to 2009.[2]

He was the candidate for Vice president in 2012. He lost the election to Hamid Ansari.[3]

In the mid-2010s, Singh wrote a book praising Jinnah. As a result, he was expelled from the BJP on 29 March 2014 and was forced off any elections he was running in under the party.[4][5] He lost the election to the candidate put up by his former party.

Singh was born in Jasol, Rajputana Agency, British India. He studied at the Indian Military Academy and at Mayo College.

On 7 August 2014, Singh suffered a fall in the bathroom of his home in New Delhi and suffered a serious head injury. He was hospitalized and was in a coma until his death on 27 September 2020.[6] Singh died of cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure caused by injuries from the fall, aged 82.[7]

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