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Jef Turf (12 March 1932–12 October 2022) was a Belgian politician and journalist. He was a well known Belgian communist in the 1970s and 1980s.[1]

Turf was born in Mechelen in 1932. He was a Flamingant, member of the Flemish Movement. Turf, studied nuclear physics. In 1962 he became a member of the Communist Party of Belgium. He later became the Flemish chairman and political director of De Rode Vaan. He was fired because of a conflict with the KP. Turf was co-founder of Masereelfonds and the magazine Vlaams Marxistisch Tijdschrift. Later he became a journalist at the news agency Belga. He was a member of gravensteengroep and Res Publica. In 2012 he published JEF TURF Memoires Van kernfysicus tot Vlaams communist. [2][3]

Turf died on 12 October 2022 in Ghent, at the age of 90 years old.[1]

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