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Jell-O is a brand name for a dessert. It is known for a number of gelatin desserts, such as fruit gels, puddings, and unbaked cream pies. including fruit gels, puddings and no-bake cream pies.

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Green Jell-O

Jell-O is sold as all prepared (ready to eat) or in powder form, and it is has many different colors and flavors. The powder has powdered gelatin, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. It is melted into hot water, and then chilled and eaten. Sometimes other ingredients are added to make them taste better. Jell-O must be put in a refrigerator until it is served, and usually eaten with a spoon.

There are also pudding and pie under the Jell-O brand. To make pudding, they are cooked on the stove with milk, then eaten.

Though the word Jell-O is a name brand, it is commonly used in the United States as a generic name for all gelatin products.

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