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Jenkem is an alleged drug that was supposedly invented in poor parts of Africa.

Appearance[change | change source]

When it is ready to be used, it is a gas. It is created from feces left in a container to ferment for a long time.

Effects[change | change source]

When breathed in, Jenkem makes the person see crazy things. It is like a crazy dream, the person imagines things happening that are not really happening. The person may also hear sounds that are not really there. This is called a hallucination. Jenkem is also used to make a person happy. Because it is made out of fermented waste (or old feces), it is also very stinky.

Some say it is as if you have a curtain in front of you.

Dangers[change | change source]

Because Jenkem is human waste and is inhaled (huffing), the person can get an infection because of the dirt and germs in the waste. Jenkem also contains methane, which is explosive and flammable.