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Since the television game show Jeopardy! started its run in 1964, there were various songs and arrangements that were used as the show's main theme, most of which were composed by Merv Griffin. The best known theme song is "Think!". It has served as the countdown music for the Final Jeopardy! round since 1964.a[›]

Art Fleming Era[change | change source]

1964-1975[change | change source]

A jazz tune called "Take Ten" composed by Julian Griffin served as the main theme.

1978-1979[change | change source]

When the series was revived in 1978, "Frisco Disco" has served as the main theme, and "January, February, March" served as the opening theme. They also were used in the first pilot of the Alex Trebek-hosted version.b[›]

Alex Trebek Era[change | change source]

Seasons 1-8 (1984-1992)[change | change source]

Beginning with the Alex Trebek hosted syndicated version in September 1984, a rendition of "Think!" served as the show's main theme. The original version of the main theme consisted of saxophones and synthesizers along with the original recording of "Think!" retained for the final segment. A swooshing sound effect was added during the show's introduction.

Seasons 9-13 (1992-1997)[change | change source]

At the start of season 9, the main theme was remixed to include a bongo track.

Seasons 14-17 (1997-2001)[change | change source]

At the start of Season 14 in the fall of 1997, a new version of both the main theme and "Think!", composed by Steve Kaplan, was introduced.c[›] The main theme involved a more piano-driven, orchestral, jazzy sound.

Seasons 17-24 (2001-2008)[change | change source]

When the show aired episodes in Las Vegas, Nevada in February 2001, an updated, sped-up version of the 1997 was rolled out. It was then put permanently into use from the April 23, 2001 episode onward.d[›]

Season 25 (2008-present)[change | change source]

An all-new arrangement of both the main theme and "Think!" was introduced at the beginning of the show's 25th season, arranged by Chris Bell Music, Inc.

Notes[change | change source]

  • ^ a: "Think!" was not used at all during the 1978-79 The All New Jeopardy!, as there was no Final Jeopardy! round
  • ^ b: "Frisco Disco" was later used as a prize cue on Wheel of Fortune from 1983 to 1989.
  • ^ c: The "Think!" package from the 1997 rearrangement initially had only a piano lead. By mid-September 1997, the "Think!" was remixed to include a piano lead in the first verse and a trumpet lead in the second verse.
  • ^ d: There were two versions of the 2001 main theme. When it debuted on the Celebrity Jeopardy! and International Tournament episodes in Las Vegas aired in February 2001, the introduction was very similar to the 1997 arrangement. but longer. A remix of the theme debuted on April 23, 2001 when the theme itself was put permanently into use. The February 2001 version was used for most tournaments and special events.