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Jesse Carmichael

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Jesse Carmichael

Jesse Royal Carmichael (born 2 April 1979) is an American musician, guitarist & keyboardist. He is best known as the secondary guitar player and keyboardist for the Grammy Award winning band Maroon 5. In 1994, he joined with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and Mickey Madden, current bassist, and formed Kara's Flowers. He recorded the debut album Songs About Jane with the rest of the band Levine, Madden, James Valentine, and Ryan Dusick.

Personal life[change | change source]

Carmichael was born in Boulder, Colorado, United States on April 2, 1979. He went to Five Towns College with the rest of his band mates. While he was in college he began getting interested in playing the piano and keyboards. He then joined Kara's Flowers and released the album The Fourth World in 1998. Kara's Flowers then disbanded and re connected years later in 2002 and began recording material with Maroon 5.

1863[change | change source]

As a solo artist, Carmichael uses a stage name 1863. He released his debut EP album Five Songs on June 4, 2012 digitally.