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The Jodhra are a North Punjabi Rajput tribe who are located in Punjab's district of Attock, they are densely populated in Tehsil Pindi Gheb. Jodhra Rajputs are closely allied with the Ghebas, Tiwanas, Sial, Khans of Makhad and Nawab of Kalabagh.

Sir Lepel Griffins book [1] extensively talks about their history and characteristics. It is said in the book that their forefather was Malik Shehbaz who is also the forefather of Gheba which shows that both Gheba and Jodhra are actually the same, the book also states that the Gheba are actually Jodhra but changed their identity later on as Gheba. The Jodhra tribe converted to Islam in the hand of Mahmud of Ghazni, they came to Attock in the end 16th Century and got their hands on much of the land of north Punjab mainly the 'illaquas' of Sohan, Sill, Talagang and Chakwal. The Jodhra were independent Chiefs keeping up a large body of armed retainers. Their Power was recognised by the Mughals, and they saw their peak in the times of Malik Aulia Khan after which owing to family feuds and other causes the tribe has lost much of its original prosperity. Their fights with Gheba tribe were an essential part of their history and were known as 'arch-rivals' and enemies but now the two tribes inter-marry and are on friendly terms.In Sir Lepel Griffins book it is stated that the Jodhra are men of principles who could kill for their prestige, they are strong, proud of their culture and traditions. They also breed horses and are fond of hawking and field sports, they prefer service in cavalry to infantry. There are two major and powerful jodhra families in Pindi Gheb and Khunda: "The Kamrial Family" & "The Khunda Family"

"The Kamrial Family" is a prominent family not only in Attock but in whole Pakistan, their business spreads all over Pakistan plus they are landlords and also politicians. The Kamrial Family's chief or the "Gaddi Nasheen" is Malik Sajjad Khan Kamrial as he is the elder son of Malik Ahmed Khan who was the previous "Pagg Dastaar", Malik Shabbar khan is Malik Ahmed Khan's younger son who is currently the deputy Chief of 'Citizen Police Liaison Committee'. This family is not small Malik Ahmed Khan's younger brother Malik Lal Khan was a prominent politician and two time MNA who also became Parliamentary secretary before the military coup of General Musharraf. Malik Lal Khan's elder son Malik Sohail khan is currently MNA and was previously vice chairman of district Attock and is Pakistan Muslim League's strong candidate. This family is very strong not only in Attock but in whole Pakistan but it is said that they hold grudges among themselves.

"The Khunda Family" is also a very prominent family who are landlords and politicians, they and the Kamrial family go along well. Their main man was Malik Allahyar Khan who was rumored to be the Chief Minister of Punjab, his younger brother Malik Atta Muhammad khan who is the chief of Khunda family was also Attock district's chairman. Malik Allahyar Khan's younger son Malik Aitebar Khan is a previous MPA and MNA, his elder brother Malik Sheheryar Khan also contested 2018's general election, he has also been a civil officer.

The jodhra are strong and powerful in Attock who use the Title Malik which was traditionally 'MALAK'.

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