Johann Ambrosius Bach

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Johann Ambrosius Bach, 1685 the year Johann was born

Johann Ambrosius Bach (22 February 1645 – 2 March 1695 [O.S. 20 February]) was a German musician and the father of Johann Sebastian Bach.[1][2]

Ambrosius was born in Erfurt, Germany. His father, Christoph Bach (1613–1661) was also a musician, as was his twin brother Johann Christoph Bach (1645–1693). Ambrosius was employed as a violinist in Erfurt.

In 1671, Ambrosius moved his family to Eisenach, where he was employed as a court trumpeter and director of the town musicians. He married his first wife Maria Elisabeth Lämmerhirt on 1 April 1668, and they had eight children. Four of these children became musicians, including Johann Sebastian. Marie died and was buried on 3 May 1694. On 27 November 1694 Ambrosius married Barbara Margaretha. This was her third marriage; both her former husbands, including Johann Günther Bach, had died.[3] She had two young daughters. Ambrosius became very sick, and died in Eisenach less than three months later.[3] Barbara was unable to look after all the children, so Johann Jacob Bach and Johann Sebastian Bach, moved in with the eldest son, Johann Christoph Bach.[3]

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