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Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach

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Portrait of Bach, by Georg David Matthieu, 1774

Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (21 June 1732 – 26 January 1795) was a harpsichordist and composer. He was a son of Johann Sebastian Bach. He was also called the "Bückeburg Bach". He worked in Bückeburg for most of his life.

Life[change | change source]

Bach was born in Leipzig. He was the fifth son of Johann Sebastian Bach. He studied music with his father. He also studied at the St. Thomas School. In 1750, Count Wilhelm of Schaumburg-Lippe made him the harpsichordist in Bückeburg.[1] He worked together with Johann Gottfried Herder. Herder wrote texts for Bach's music.

Count Wilhelm loved Italian vocal music. It was Bach's job to write cantatas and arias for the count. Bach also wrote symphonies and trio sonatas. The court orchestra usually performed two concerts every week. Bach was in charge of the court orchestra.[1]

Bach married Lucia Elisabeth Münchhausen. She was the daughter of the organist in Bückeburg. His son was Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach.

In 1777, Count Wilhelm died. His cousin Philipp replaced him. Bach visited London during his time. He met his brother Johann Christian Bach in London. He heard Mozart's music in London. [2]

On 26 January 1795, Bach died in Bückeburg because of a chest illness. [2]

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