Johann Jakob Falkeisen

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Johann Jakob Falkeisen
Basel, Swiss
Basel, Swiss
Known forPainting

Johann Jakob Falkeisen (born 1804 in Basel) is a swiss artist painter and engraver.

Biography[change | change source]

After studying in Paris, Falkeisen went to Milan to further his career as an artist and worked under Giovanni Migliara (1785-1837) and Louis Cherbuin (1810-1875) until 1838. Falkeisen took the opportunity to travel to Bursa in 1843, visiting Athens and Constantinople, to work in his family’s silk factory which was being run by his brother, who was also the Austrian Consul for Bursa. The Falkeisen family bought the factory, together with Tasciyan, an Armenian dragoman from the British Embassy, from a French entrepreneur called M. Glaizal, who had started the enterprise in 1837. The Falkeisen factory was the first steam-powered silk-spinning factory in Bursa and manufactured silk thread. Johann Falkeisen lived in Turkey until 1855 when the family factory was destroyed by fire as a result of an earthquake and he returned to Basel. He then joined the fledgling Kunstmuseum in Basel where he worked as a curator.

Bibliography[change | change source]

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