John Napier

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John Napier
John Napier.jpg
John Napier (1550–1617)
Died4 April 1617(1617-04-04) (aged 66–67)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Alma materUniversity of St Andrews
Known forLogarithms
Napier's bones
Decimal notation
Scientific career
InfluencedHenry Briggs

John Napier (he also signed as Neper, and Nepair)[1] 1550 – 4 April 1617) was a Scottish landowner, nicknamed "Marvellous Merchiston". He was a mathematician, physicist, and astronomer. He was the 8th Laird of Merchiston. His Latinized name was Ioannes Neper.

John Napier is best known as the discoverer of logarithms. He also invented the so-called "Napier's bones" and made common the use of the decimal point in arithmetic and mathematics.[2]

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Napier's 'bones' were used to find the products and quotients of numbers