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John Trezise Tonkin (2 February 1902 – 20 October 1995) was the 20th Premier of Western Australia from 3 March 1971 to 8 April 1974.[1] He was from the Labor Party.

He was born in Boulder City in 1902.[2] Educated in local schools Tonkin became a teacher in rural Western Australia. An active member of the Labor Party, he was Prime Minister John Curtin's campaign manager for the 1943 election.[2] He was elected to the Western Australian parliament for the seat of North East Fremantle (1933–1950), and for the seat of Melville (1950–1977).[2] He was a Cabinet Minister (1943–1947), Deputy Premier (1953–1959), Leader of the Opposition (1967–1971 and 1974–1976), and Premier (1971–1974).[2] He retired from parliament in 1977 and died in 1995.

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