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Jonathan Lerman (born 1987) is an American Prodigious Savant. He is an autistic outsider artist. He was born in Queens, NY. He lives in the Upstate New York suburb of Vestal.

Jonathan Lerman began to lapse into long silences at the age of two. The next year he was diagnosed with autism. His IQ is said to be 53.

Lerman's artistic ability appeared at the age of 10. He drew faces with charcoal. The faces were of people he knows and those he imagines. In 1999 he had his own solo exhibition at the KS Art gallery in New York City.

Lerman has had personal exhibitions. He has also exhibited his work alongside others.

Lerman was also on the MTV television show True Life in the episode "True Life: I Have Autism"

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  • George Braziller. Jonathan Lerman: The Drawings of a Boy with Autism (2002)

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