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José Manuel Caballero

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José Manuel Caballero Bonald, 2012

José Manuel Caballero Bonald (November 11, 1926 – May 9, 2021) was a Spanish novelist, lecturer and poet. He was born in Jerez, Spain.[1] Between 1944 and 1948, he began nautical studies in Cádiz, and he wrote his first poems.

Around 1954 he was Secretary and later as Deputy Editor of the Papeles de Son Armadans magazine.[1] In 1971 he began working for the Lexicography Seminar of the Royal Spanish Academy, where he stayed until 1975. He worked as a Contemporary Spanish Literature Professor at the Centre for Hispanic Studies at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania from 1974 to 1978.

In 2012, he was awarded the Miguel de Cervantes Prize for his achievements in Spanish literature.

Caballero died in Madrid on May 9, 2021, at the age of 94.[2]

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