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Joseph Swan

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Joseph Wilson Swan
Photograph of Swan, c.1900
Born(1828-10-31)October 31, 1828
DiedMay 27, 1914(1914-05-27) (aged 85)
Known forincandescent light bulb
Scientific career

Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (31 October 1828–27 May 1914) was an English physicist and chemist who was well known because he created the incandescent light bulb,[1] about a year before Thomas Edison. His house was the first in the world to be lit by electric light bulbs.

In 1904, Swan was knighted, awarded the Royal Society's Hughes Medal, and was made an honorary member of the Pharmaceutical Society. He had already received the highest award in France, the Légion d'honneur, when he visited an international exhibition in Paris in 1881. The exhibition included exhibits of his inventions, and the city was lit with electric light, thanks to Swan's invention.

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