Julian Alps

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Western Julian Alps
Eastern Julian Alps

Julian Alps are a mountain range in northeastern Italy and northwestern Slovenia with the highest peak being Triglav with 2864 m. They cover around 4400 km2 with majority being in Slovenia. They are made out of 200 million years old limestone. Slovenian part of Julian Alps is included in Triglav National Park.

Alps lie between Sava Valley and Canale Valley thus dividing them into Western and Eastern Julian Alps. Western part is higher than the Eastern part. 10 highest mountains in Julian Alps are Triglav (2,864 m), Škrlatica (2,740 m), Mangart (2,679 m), Jalovec (2,645 m), Razor (2,601 m) Kanjavec (2,568 m), Prisojnik (2,546 m), Rjavina (2,532 m), Prestreljenik (2,499 m), Špik (2,472 m), Tosc (2,275 m), and Krn (2,244 m).