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DeveloperJörg Schirottke (Aka. Kano)
OS familyUnix-like
Working stateCurrent
Source modelOpen source
Latest releaseDragonfire-LinuxTag 2013 / May 22, 2013 (2013-05-22)
Kernel typeMonolithic
user interface
KDE Plasma Desktop
Official websitewww.kanotix.org

Kanotix, also referred to as KANOTIX, is a Linux distribution Live CD (LiveDistro) based on Debian (until 2006 unstable, in 2007 KANOTIX moved to Debian Etch) with advanced hardware detection.[1][2] It can run from an optical disc drive without using a hard disk.

Kanotix uses KDE as the default desktop environment. GNOME and other window managers can be downloaded using APT.

The name "Kanotix" is derived from the founder's nickname "Kano". Kanotix's mascot is a fangtooth.

Content[change | change source]

Kanotix is based on Debian stable (currently "Etch"). It contains a lot of backports.[3] So many of the main applications are more recent than are available in Etch.[source?]

Kanotix includes about 1,200 software packages:

  • KDE, the default desktop environment, including the Konqueror, IceWM, Beryl (allows access to a 3D desktop environment)
  • Amarok, Video Disk Recorder
  • Beryl (window manager)
  • Internet access software, including the KPPP dialer, ISDN utilities and WLAN-NdisWrapper
  • Iceweasel-web browser, IceDove Mail/News Client, Pidgin instant messenger
  • K3b, for CD (and DVD) authoring and backup
  • The GIMP, an image manipulation program
  • Gparted and other tools for data rescue and system repair
  • Network analysis and administration tools
  • LibreOffice, an office suite
  • Programming and development tools
  • NTFS-3G used by default

Installation[change | change source]

Kanotix can be installed to the hard disk using the (graphical) acritoxinstaller Archived 2008-06-22 at the Wayback Machine, which, depending on optical drive, hard disk and processor speed, can take around 10 – 20 minutes.

Versions[change | change source]

History[change | change source]

In 2003 Jörg Schirottke was known with the nickname "Kano" in the former Knoppix-Forum (no more available). The distribution derived from "Kano's Scriptpage for Knoppix" . He wrote about Knoppix: "I like it much, but I had to improve it :)".[4] So he did. One of the main differences from Knoppix was the support of hard disk installation. The first "Kanotix"-preview was released at 24 December 2003 "KANOTIX XMAS 2003 PREVIEW". In 2004 and 2005 KANOTIX was a popular distribution ranking in the "top 20" of "distrowatch.com".[5][6] In 2004 the releases were named "Bug Hunter" (Bug Hunter-01-2004 - X-2004). After problems with the stability in 2006 Jörg "Kano" Schirottke decided to move from Debian Sid to a less volatile basis.[7] In October 2006 the main Kanotix co-developer (and most of Kanotix's other developers) left the project, to start sidux, another distribution based on Debian sid. The last Kanotix release based on Debian Sid was 2006-01-RC4.

Current Releases[change | change source]

Version Date Name
2007 2007-12-31 Thorhammer (RC7)
2007 2007-09-15 Thorhammer (RC6)
01-2006 2006-10-02 2006-01 (RC4)
2006 2006-05-14 2006-VDR (RC6)
2006 2006-05-14 2006-Easter (RC4)
2006 2006-03-11 2006-CeBit (RC3)
2005-04 2005-12-31
2005-03 2005-06-06
2005-02 2005-04-10
2005-01 2005-02-12
10-2004 2004-11-28 Bug Hunter X
09-2004 2004-10-17 Bug Hunter 09
08-2004 2004-09-20 Bug Hunter 08
07-2004 2004-07-29 Bug Hunter 07
06-2004 2004-07-01 Bug Hunter 06
05-2004 2004-04-23 Bug Hunter 05
04-2004 2004-03-19 Bug Hunter 04
03-2004 2004-03-02 Bug Hunter 03
02-2004 2004-02-07 Bug Hunter 02
01-2004 2004-02-03 Bug Hunter 01
01-2003 2003-12-24 XMAS Preview

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