Kargil War

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Kargil War: It is one of two undeclared wars between India and Pakistan. It is officially known as Kargil war or Kargil conflict. In 1999, Pakistan armed forces attacked Indian check posts in Kargil district of Indian occupied Kashmir, Pakistan got success and captured many Indian check posts in Kargil, as a result a war was started between two countries, operation Vijay was launched by Indian army to regain all check posts from Pakistan armed forces. Operation Vijay got success in beginning but Indian armed forces was not able to regain control over many check posts that were  captured by Pakistan armed forces , India started using its Air Force and Navy helicopter gunships, Pakistan also started involving its Air Force and Navy. There was a biggest threat of nuclear war between two nuclear armed state. To stop the nuclear war United Nations pressurised Pakistan to take back its army from Indian occupied Kashmir. Because of international pressure Pakistan pulled back its army from Kargil district.