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Karst Tates

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Karst Tates (March 6, 1971 - May 1, 2009) was a Dutch man who tried to harm the Dutch Royal Family (including Willem Alexander and Beatrix). He tried to do this by making his car collide with the Royal Bus. This event happened in Apeldoorn, Netherlands on 30 April, 2009, the Dutch national holiday of Queen's Day (Koninginnedag). He did not succeed, but killed seven people who were watching the festivities and himself.

According to a policeman who claimed having talked to Tates, Tates said immediately after the crash that he had wanted to hit the members of the Royal Family that had just passed there in an open bus, because Willem-Alexander was a racist and a fascist in his view. After having been brought to hospital, Tates died from his wounds.